Smooth Sensation



Body Promise returns to the tape format with a 12 chapter missive from the Australian underground. 

With this stellar survey of corporeally-minded music, they compile some of the most interesting mutations of modern dance music. Smooth Sensation marks the third and final installment in the Body Promise compilation series. 

As the reels begin to spin, Fia Fiell (One Third of Jaala) builds to a textured wash of sound that eases the listener into the varied and exhilarating world this tape compiles. The leisurely, dubbed-out atmosphere of Low Flung and Freda & Jackson 's contributions preface the bass-heavy boisterousness that both HED Ardennes (Fishing, Body Promise) and Letabruthaknow (aka Setwun) favour. Fishing's The Ghan opts for a hypnotic approach that slowly binds the listener in its spell until they realize it's time to flip over the tape. 

Waterhouse collates broken filaments of sound into a fissured mirror, reflecting odd visions and ghostly presences. Lou Karsh 's electro transmission has a spacey, introspective edge that it shares with the dissociative acid Andy Garvey has programmed for her return to the label. Both Lucy Cliche and DJ Yoni (Holy Balm) have been working at the nexus of DIY production and unruly electronics for aeons, each contributing demented dancefloor directives that are shot through with personality. We close with Emily Glass ’ alien oddity, a pendulum that swings from shuddering intensity to eerie ambience until the tape stops spinning.